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Auto Glass Victoria BC

At First Response Glass, you can drop by without an appointment and being an ICBC Glass Express shop and an authorized service provider for all major insurance companies. We are able to process your insurance claim and in many cases, the replacement can be completed that same day.

We are able to process your insurance claim and in many cases, the replacement can be completed that same day.

With every windshield replacement, you will receive:

* COMPLIMENTARY COURTESY CAR (subject to availability)


A Cracked Or Improperly Installed Windshield Can Be Deadly!

See 20/20’s news clip “Worry over Windshields – The Improper Installation of car windshields could be deadly” Click Here To View Video – opens in a new window.

Q. I have a crack or a ding in my windshield – is it really important that I fix it right away?

A: Yes! It’s important for two reasons:

If the ding is small, it may be repairable. That means our Certified Technician can “mend” the break without replacing your entire windshield. Repairing your windshield typically takes less than 30 minutes. The longer you let the damage remain the more likely the chip will run and spread.

If it gets too big, it’s very likely that replacement will be necessary. The second reason to have a damaged windshield fixed is for your own safety. The windshield is more than just a “shield” from wind and road dirt – it’s an important structural element of your car.

It helps keep you and your passengers from flying out of the car in a front impact collision, and keeps your car’s airbag in the optimum position to guarantee your safety.

If your windshield is weakened due to damage, it could be dangerous to you and your passengers in an accident. Also, damaged auto glass may cause optical impediments when driving, particularly at night, which is a significant safety hazard.

For more information please visit our Windshields And Your Safety page.

Q. How long will you need my car for a windshield replacement?

A. While many windshield adhesives (urethanes) require a 4 hour cure time before the vehicle can be safely driven; at First Response Glass we use only Essex #1 and Sika Drive urethanes.

These are high quality, fast cure urethanes that allow for a 1 hour safe drive away time. We make every attempt to have the vehicle back in your possession within 3 to 4 hours. However, since your quality control is most important to us, we may require your vehicle to stay a little longer.

Q. What kind of warranty will I receive?

A. You will receive a National Warranty (link to warranty page), on all of our auto glass products and workmanship and it is good for as long as you own or lease your vehicle.

Q. I want to claim my broken auto glass on my insurance. What do I have to do?

A. Phone us or drop by our office. It’s as simple as that. We will look after the entire insurance claim process for you and will do our very best to make the experience hassle free for you! For more information on claims, see our Insurance Claims page.

Q. What’s the difference between my windshield and the other glass in my car?

A . There’s a very important difference between your windshield and the rest of the auto glass in your car. Your windshield is made of LAMINATED SAFETY GLASS. What makes it unique is its special construction, designed to offer optimum safety in the event of a crash.

LAMINATED SAFETY GLASS is made up of two pieces of glass, with a thin layer of vinyl sandwiched between them. The three pieces are laminated together by applying heat and pressure in a special oven called an autoclave. When a small object strikes a piece of safety glass, often only the outer layer struck breaks.

This is what makes windshield rock chip repair possible. In a more severe impact, the glass “shatters” but does not fly apart – the broken pieces of glass adhere to the vinyl inner lining, preventing shards of glass from flying into the passenger area.

Your side and rear windows are made of TEMPERED GLASS. As the name implies, the glass has been “tempered,” put through a special process where it is heated, then rapidly cooled. This process makes the glass up to 10 times stronger than untempered glass of the same thickness.

Tempered glass does not shatter on impact. Rather, it disintegrates into tiny little pieces. There are no large, jagged pieces of auto glass to injure the driver or passengers. The force necessary to shatter a piece of tempered glass is considerably greater than an untempered piece.